to “Put up” or “Not to put up”?


Even if you are married to Mr./Mrs. Comedian, the 21st century couple has more to deal with than your grandparents ever did.  With Instant gratification ruining romance and standards, chivalry is now called being desperate, while house wives are being labeled as doormats.  I know I cant be the only one who wants that old thing back.  So I compiled a list of what is put up worthy, and when being loyal is putting you down.

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” and “To each is own” are both famous phrases that describe how love is uniquely different for each and everyone of us.  And what does it for one person, might not do it for another.  That being said, if you don’t know what you want, you better know what you don’t want.  A partner that is: Unfaithful (STDs, Babies, Snapped…need I say more?), A Liar (the more trivial the worse), Dead (weight, beat, not saved = dead end), abusive (physically, mentally, emotionally) and lastly self-centered.

Please understand your love could never change a person, and you should call it quits even if your partner promise to make progress.  If they need help to change, point them to the nearest help facility, because you are not an expert with your emotions involved, especially if you have kids.  No person is worth pain and suffering, and if you are worse off then before you met them, LEAVE THEM!  There are over 6 trillion people in the world, and you think they the one for you.  Oh no honey!  Better is always coming, just remember you are worth better!


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